Please comment to be added. Don't be offended if I don't add you back. I need like-minded, open-minded people to converse and have a crack with. If I don't think we're suited I won't add you back. Simple and plain as that. :)

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I noticed you added me (sorry for having no friending post on my LJ at the moment) but you seem to have an excellent f-list already so I'm thrilled to join the list :) Adding you back!

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Jesus! Now I just realised it's you, Jen! XD I'm sorry! I was looking at your entries and thinking, 'how is she using bolanboogie's Barca icon' but the bits about Pete finally lit a lightbulb in my head :)

And may I say, your header is the most beautiful thing ever.

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Hehe no worries!! I haven't told many people about this journal so most of the people I've added have been like wtf?! XD I do like surprising people :P

Thank you XD I adore that picture too...would like to buy it from somewhere and frame it :)



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