Title: Food For Thought
Pairing: Merry/Pippin
Rating: NC-17 (to be on the safe side)
Warning: HOBBIT SLASH!! That's enough of a warning, I think!
Author notes:

Unable to sleep and desperate to start getting myself into this fandom - I deciced to finish what I started a little while ago. It's rather random, rather crap, but here it is.

Pippin pressed his rouge cheek against the cool glass. Trickles of condensation creating patterns upon the window pane, hazy patches of steam as his breath disillusioned the view of the thick blades of green grass shuffling in the breeze outside.

His finger tips polka dotted the seeping water upon the window sill. His head, his thoughts and his imagination a million miles away from his limp, lifeless body. His slender frame wrapped in thin pale cloth, draped over his thighs and wrapped around his delicate ankles.

He sighed as the sun disappeared behind wisps of clouds blanketing the pale blue sky. Blinking. His eyes stung with tiredness. Red and blistered raw. His head ached for a soft pillow. A soft breast and a delicate palm against the small of his back.

'You'll lose yourself one of these days, Pip.'

It could have been his own voice. He wasn't entirely sure. Hadn't felt his lips move. His mouth curve into words. His tongue stroke the roof of his mouth.

He remembered where he was. And who he was with. Suddenly. Like the thorn-prick of a ruby red rose.

He turned his head, his bright eyes almost blinded by the reflection of pale skin meeting the sun's reflection as it re-emerged into the pale, cool, crisp early Spring skies. A hand, long slender fingers, hanging over the side of the bed. Bed-ridden eyes hidden behind dirty blond curls. Merry’s lips curled into a smear of a grin.

'I'm just thinking how much I've missed the warmth...'

Merry cocked his head as Pippin sighed, looking down at his wiggling toes upon the wooden floor. He seemed far too deep in thought for Merry's liking. An unfamiliar frown creasing his usual smooth forehead and heavy lashes brushing against his cheeks.

'Well, come back to bed Pip and I'll keep you warm...'

Pippin sneaked a small glance at Merry, radiating sunshine and perfection and satisfaction and desire. A flutter in his chest, he felt it through his flushed skin, beneath the loose cotton he draped around his shoulders. Merry's scent lingered upon the cloth, his taste still tingling upon the tip of Pippin's tongue. Invisible fingerprints still pressed against his tummy and his thighs and the small of his back and his...

'I can't sleep any longer, Merry. You've given me an appetite!' A sly smirk finally graced Pippin's lips and Merry returned the grin, laying gently back against the fluffed pillows beneath the base of his curved neck.

'You've always got an appetite! You think of nothing but your belly and it's contents!' Merry retorted, giving Pippin a hungry once-over glance with his roaming eyes.

Pippin chewed his bottom lip and quickly closed his legs shut, aware of his body awakening and reacting to Merry's situation - naked beneath the thin sheet draped over Pippin's bed. It was new to him - new to have Merry naked in his place of rest...his place of thought and of dreaming adventures. It was new to have Merry's skin gliding over his own. Hips meeting and lips greeting and lashes fluttering against one another’s.

Butterfly kisses, he had called them.

His nails had almost ripped gaping holes into the sheets. Merry with his mouth...his tongue circling his tummy button and threatening and enticing and daring to journey to places Pippin had never let Merry even glance at before.

It had always been a case of 'Show me yours and I'll show you mine' when they were younger but now...now something stirred inside him when he was awarded Merry's full attention. His full nakedness. He'd forgotten to breathe last night. Forgotten to swallow. Forgotten to close his eyes and forgotten his own name, let alone Merry's.

A dull thud echoed in Pippin's ears as Merry's feet hit the floor. He climbed gently out of bed, the covers slipping from his hips and draping along the silk skin of his thighs as he approached Pippin at his desk. Pippin's skin tingled, Goosebumps peeking beneath the hair on his arms and legs and his stomach twisting and turning into knots, taking his breath away, aching inside his chest and his limbs and...everywhere down there. His head...oh, his poor head...

His nose pressed against Merry's chest. A desperate, forbidden sigh escaped Pippin's lips as Merry wrapped a hand around the back of Pippin's head, burying fingers inside Pippin's hair, twisting and turning and twisting and turning and gripping...making it hurt but with such a sweet, irresistible hurt...



'It's breakfast time...'

'Yes, you're right my dear Pippin...and I'm ravished. I need a good feed.'

Merry felt the corners of Pippin's mouth curl into a sneaky smirk. His innocence had been taken...but Merry still had it in the palm of his hand, inside his heart. He'd keep Pippin's innocence safe...just for a while. Just enough time for him to enjoy the new luscious, desirable, hungry new Pippin he'd been able to feast on every morning for breakfast....and second breakfast...and elevenses...and luncheon.....

From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

O my god. You're amazing!

This is really good... I could never write something like this. Fluff, fluff, and more fluff, but nothing like this.

I think I found a new goddess to worship, I grovel at you feet. *kisskisskisskiss*

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

*glomps* Thank you SO much! I was so nervous about posting this :P Worried I'd be OOC or something.

:D This actually turned out fluffier than I expected XD I'm usually quite raaawwrr when it comes to writing and slash just wins over everything else I try to write but these two...they capture both the love and the passion for me, which is awesome :)

XDD I shall grovel in return at your next diary chapter ;)


From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

Then try and do so, because its up! Ravish it, my dear, because you'll naught be getting any more until the weekend!

P.S: Out icon scheme is awesome.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

Hehe, I'll be looking out for a new entry at the weekend then ;) It's delightful and makes my days more sunnier to read Pippin's secret diary :P

XDD Our icons rock indeed ;) I can't get enough of them...shame I can't make my own but I'll never stop looking for Pippin/Merry icons :P


From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

I can make some. Not really fancy, and if you can make some sort of trade >.< And you can only give me your soul once.

I made a Monaboyd icon for meself ^^ I is proud. *sits up straighter with her fists on her hips* I is goddess, yes?

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

XD What sort of trade would you be thinking of Pip? :P I can give you a little helping of smut when I have a few minutes to write it XD (Possibly Friday night - I have the place to myself - whooop!)

Yaay Monaboyd XD Of course you is a goddess *worships at your feet*


From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

Oh goodness... Anything Merry/Pippin, to go with the theme.

Any images in mind or should I surprise you?

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

I shall do that most definitely ;)

You will discover that I like surprises very much ;) Although some crack! icons would go down very nicely indeed XD


From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

*grins* I'm sure I have few I can make. Although, Sam will kill me if I try anything >.<

I'll have to talk things over with my muse, but I should get them done... on the weekend. As usual.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

XD Seriously, don't rush if you have studying to do..I'm really patient :) *hugs*



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