Title: River Flowers
Pairing: Merry/Pippin
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This never happened, not even in fiction... O_o
Warnings: Apart from it being HOBBIT SLASH...It's also PWP...I'm useless at storylines, you all know that!!
Author notes:

This is dedicated to [livejournal.com profile] tehlionqueen for being the most awesome Pip ever and for writing the gorgeous poem that inspired me to write this. This is also due to Billy and Dom being the fittest hobbits ever. They have sex in my head all the time. *nods*

Merry watched.

Merry watched as a shy, gleeful smirk etched itself across the width of Pippin's face. The young hobbit's skin flushed rouge, a sheen of perspiration glazed his cheeks, his bare neck and collarbone; the buttons of his shirt half flung open, his waistcoat and jacket strewn aside. His breeches barely covering his hipbones.

Pippin wiggled his toes as the thick blades of grass wavered in the breeze, tickling the underneath of his soiled feet. The tips of his fingers twirled the stems of three daisies as he glided them over his smooth, sun kissed chest. His eyes fluttered closed, the heat of the summer radiating it's warmth like a shower of sunshine cascading over him.

He sniffed at the air. The scent of fresh water and Lilies and Dandelions and Daffodils and...freshly washed skin...and juicy apples and berries and a...and a... Merry kiss...

Pippin's eyes opened, squinting in the blinding light, following the outline of Merry's lips, smirking and pouting and whispering breathless nothings at Pippin as he grazed his fingers (delicate and pink and not a trace of dirt) over his cousin's.

'How dare you start shamelessly stripping your clothes without me...' Merry seemingly growled, his dripping wet curls clinging tightly to his forehead as his eyes spied sneaky peeks at Pippin's delicate skin.

Pippin chuckled, pressing his head back within the long shards of grass, his daisies placed beneath his chin as his fingers freely (and ever so slowly) teased a few more shirt buttons from their holes, revealing softer, paler flesh beneath the cotton.

He glanced at Merry from the corners of his eyes, his heart thumping wildly in his chest as Merry's eyes eagerly feasted on the sight before him...of his naked flesh, of his tummy button and treasure trail peeking from beneath his shirt and above the rim of his breeches.

'Was the water cool?' Pippin asked, moving his spare hand to wipe away the curls from Merry's eyes, skin prickling as Merry's cool breath panted heavily against his flushed skin, soothing his burning cheeks and enticing him to slip his fingers from Merry's curls to the tips of his ears.

Merry chewed upon his swollen bottom lip, a look of concentration etched upon his forehead as he cocked his head, almost purring aloud as Pippin's fingers scraped along his smooth scalp.

There was nothing that felt and tasted more delicious than the excitement of feeling like putty in his younger cousin's hands.

He shivered in the sunshine, Goosebumps blanketing his arms and legs and his bare chest; aching to be pressed against Pippin's, to feel his racing heartbeat against his own, his hitched breath against his cheek and...and to dip his damp, full lips beneath his cousin's ear...

'It didn't cool me down much, Pip...'

'I can see that, Merry...'

Merry smirked in reply to Pippin's cheeky chuckle, suddenly leaning over the younger hobbit's body and pinning his frame to the grass. Cool river water dripped from Merry's brow upon Pippin's eyelashes, coating them with crystal diamond teardrops that glittered in the summer light. Merry smirked, thinking Pippin couldn't possibly look any more angelic and girlish even if he tried.

Pippin gripped Merry's hipbones with his fingers, delicately attempting to edge his breeches further and further down his spine. He squirmed impatiently as Merry finally unbuttoned the last of his restricting shirt, grazing his soft fingertips over Pippin's stomach, raising slowly upwards towards his chest, placing a hand over Pippin's breast, feeling a fluttering thump-thump-thump beneath his skin.

Pippin lifted his head from the earth, his mouth searching hungrily for Merry's, his lips pouting for a kiss, for a simple graze of full pink flesh.

Merry waited. Merry waited, teasingly, and turned his head away.

'You'd look awfully pretty with daisies in your hair, Pip...' Merry trawled absentmindedly, his hand now moving from Pip's chest to his chin, clasping hold of the daisies and stroking them along the side of Pippin's face.

Pippin closed his eyes, gulping aloud, his nails clawing into Merry's backside in desperation. He bucked his hips, grinding his hardness into Merry's thigh. It took all of Merry's might not to gasp, to hold his breath and mutter obscenities all at the same time.

The older hobbit's fingers trembled as he mingled daisies into Pippin's curled locks. Pippin rolled his eyes, roughly attempting to slip a hand inside Merry's breeches as Merry pushed his weight further down upon Pip, teasing his cousin even more by shamelessly grinding his aching hardness back against Pippin's groin. Pippin threw his head back instantly, gasping out for much needed breath in the stifling hot summer air.

'I was right...you look utterly edible, my Pip...' Merry lowered himself, his mouth hovered inches from Pippin's lips.

Pippin's sharp, shrewd gasps entered Merry's mouth, a tongue begging for mercy, teasing Merry as it darted from Pip's lips, flashes of tongue between breaths. Pippin moved beneath Merry, his hands placed firm on his cousin's backside, pushing and pushing and forcing their bodies closer and closer together, trying desperately to merge as one.

'Just kiss me, for the love of all that is pure and sweet and tasty and delightful and delicious and - '

Merry finally silenced his cousin. Merry finally managed to get a hold of Pippin's wriggling body and hold him firmly against the ground as his tongue entered Pip's blistering hot mouth.

Tongues clashing. Teeth grazing. Teeth. Teeth and lips and full lips and mouth upon mouth and earth between Pip's fingernails, suddenly clenching the grass and soil and daisies dancing around their bodies in the breeze. A drum-drum-drumming in Merry's ears...a patch of warm damp against his fingers as he pressed his palm against Pippin's groin. Hard and aching and pulsating against cloth that was much too thin and too tight and too...

Oh. Oh and Pip...his tongue almost hitting the back of Merry's throat, moving himself against Merry's palm. Fingers weaving themselves beneath buttons and finding scorched, flushed skin. A hardness ever growing, ever twitching. Ever begging to be released and find itself tucked tightly inside Merry's hand, wrapped up in blankets of firm fingers.

Daisies scattered Pip's hair, pink petals and orange petals and snow white petals and leaves and grass and twigs as he merged with the earth and mother nature...innocence and purity and wonder and beauty and everything Merry knew of his Pip...his young lover and his insatiable best friend. That hunger that never seemed to fade in Pip's eyes, that tone full of excitement and passion and flare that ever-remained in his voice.

His breath. And that mole beneath his tummy button. And the way he nipped gently at the corner of Merry's mouth as he slipped his hand over Merry's length, mirroring and learning from his teacher's movements.

Gasping and clawing, fumbling and stumbling through his ever brief personal encounter with Merry. They made love with their hands and their mouths, tongues darting inside one another as their bodies crushed and pounded. Oh, how Merry wanted to give it to him...to be rid of all inhabitations and innocence and secrecy and ridiculous one-off fumbles...


He wore his crown of daisies as he came pure into Merry's palm, his toes curling and his hips bucked off the ground and his mouth covered with Merry's, inhaling and exhaling his cousin's air, breathing into one another as he worked Merry into a delightful, mind-blowing frenzy.

Merry held his breath, tingles and electric sparks shooting from his groin, to the tips of his toes and to the luscious curls upon his head. He gazed down at Pippin, coming and coming and gazing and gazing at his lover as young Pip grinned amid flushes, still panting from his own come-down and still twitching inside his own breeches.

'Breathe, Merry...breathe...' Pippin whispered, gliding a palm along Merry's damp cheek, soothing Merry from his high as the older hobbit finally drew breath, clinging to Pippin as if they were about to be torn apart by some evil ‘out-of-this-Shire’ force.

And then Goosebumps. And then butterflies in their chests and tummies as they placed gentle kisses upon each other's lips. And cheeks. And eyelids. And ears. Stickiness mingled with sweat and fingerprints and soil and grass and...those damn daisies.

'I think I might need to go and bathe again...' Merry finally croaked, grinning as he gently rolled himself from off Pippin's slender, yet suddenly very lethargic body. Pippin sighed and nodded his head in full agreement, looking down and pulling a less-than-impressed face at the state of his spoiled new breeches.

'I think I may need to join you...'

Merry helped his young cousin to his feet, entwining fingers and pressing foreheads together as they exchanged one last small kiss before the river. Pippin trailed slowly behind Merry, untangling daisies from his curls along the way.

From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com


Gil (Merry): Pip is... *pokes* gone for the moment. Seeing as she's got a cat mentality, she'll be back soon. So, I'll comment for her. Now... how would Pip comment on this... Oh, she left some notes... I'll just read these... *ahem* "Billy and Dom have sex in my head too!" True dat. It's hawt. "This story is wonderful and beyond compare to SFOPT, and now I think I'll go back to that spot in my head that conjured SFOPT and ask the workers what the hell they were thinking." That's it. Nice work... now... lemme *ahem* take advantage of Pip's death.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

XDDD Thank you so much for your awesome comment!! I'm so glad you liked it..although I can't believe how long it took me to write this - it was only hand-jobs XDD Haha, but I loved writing every second of it! Oh and tsk - this fic and SFOPT are completely different types of fics so this fic is not better than that...I can't wait for the next Pip entry..eep..I so desperately want him and Merry to snog *tries to be patient* XDD


From: [identity profile] tehlionqueen.livejournal.com

*pats* I will have a full snogging chapter just for you. Though I don't think Pippin would write those kinds of things.

Now to reprimand my muse for taking my pants while I was *ahem* dead.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

lol, if Pip doesn't want to write about it, that's all cool - I can just imagine it in my head ;) :P .... hmmm..tis nice XD

LOL!!! *pets you* Oh your icons are just made of awesome!

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From: [identity profile] j-dav.livejournal.com

I have never read a Merry/Pippin one before as I generally do only elf/elf pairings. And most of the people I know too are of the same category. But this was awesome. The images that your imagination spins! Sunkissed skin, smooth delicate rosy hobbit features!

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

Thanks so much for this comment, really means a lot :) I could see them so vividly in my head and i would have kicked myself for not writing these daydreams down :P I hope to write more when I have the time!! I noticed you've posted a few recently which I promise I'll read when I get a day off work :)

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From: [identity profile] j-dav.livejournal.com

Oh, I am afraid that my new stories do not have hobbits in them. Except for The Song Of Sunset, which is a sprawling one. But hang on, there is this one on Bilbo, though a clean one...I don't have that good imagination!


From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

That's completely fine, I'm looking to broaden my horizons anyway, heaven knows I need to :P Thank you for the link, will definitely check it out soon.

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From: [identity profile] calling-alice.livejournal.com

Oh, a Merry/Pippin fic! It has been so long. I like your style and how you write their voices. This was delicious.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

Thank you so much XD By the way, mind if I add you? It's always a nice surprise to meet another Merry/Pip fan :P

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From: [identity profile] calling-alice.livejournal.com

Go ahead, that would be great. I'll add you back. Yeah, they have become underrated of late. They were pretty popular for a while, then it just stalled (I'm a die hard). Frodo/Sam are still going strong though... :-)

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

I've been a lurker for a while and finally got the courage to write my own Merry/Pippin recently...I've not had many complaints so far so fingers crossed! Although I have been made to feel a big strange for wanting hobbit slash so badly :P


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Aww... a lovely fic for my girl.

You are a sensational writer... thank you for sharing.


P.S: I hear your a Liverpool fan... I have family in Liverpool. Maybe we'll cross path soon.

From: [identity profile] sebastiona.livejournal.com

Thanks so much for reading :D Yes, [livejournal.com profile] tehlionqueen has been so awesome to me that I decided to write her this :)

I'm a MASSIVE Liverpool fan XD And yes, if you're ever over here, let me know!!


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I am a MASSIVE Liverpool fan. I blame my cousin, Akiko. Do you know her?

I started the Liverpool fan-boying when I was over there for the Holidays, and Akiko dragged me into a double date with her man friend, and her boyfriend, of course. Never saw the guy after the game, but see the game every chance I get.

My Baby Girl's the best. Even when I decide to surprise her by visiting her school :)