Please comment to be added. Don't be offended if I don't add you back. I need like-minded, open-minded people to converse and have a crack with. If I don't think we're suited I won't add you back. Simple and plain as that. :)

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I noticed you added me (sorry for having no friending post on my LJ at the moment) but you seem to have an excellent f-list already so I'm thrilled to join the list :) Adding you back!

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Jen, I didn't know you moved. I'm an irresponsible friend. :P I miss you, babes. Add me!

- Mika
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Hello! I found you as we're one of the few people with a mutual interest in Armando Iannucci!
That makes you pretty spiffy in my book, so I thought I'd 'subscribe' and maybe you'd friend back :)
I'm new to Dreamwidth, and have just finished importing over my Livejournal entries, so please excuse the confused nature of my journal at the moment. I'm trying to get my head around the little differences and have a decent layout up pretty soon!