Please comment to be added. Don't be offended if I don't add you back. I need like-minded, open-minded people to converse and have a crack with. If I don't think we're suited I won't add you back. Simple and plain as that. :)

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Yay, I'm glad :)

Also, we're (that's me and Manu plus some friends) coming to Liverpool for the McFly gig at the end of November, so we'd love to see you then, hun. I'm pretty sure we'll have dinner at Dagger's restaurant on the Friday (28th), if you'd like to join us :) Aaaand before I forget, could you maybe ask the girl that works with you who likes McFly if she knows which hotel they usually stay at in Liverpool? We don't wanna stalk them or anything, but the other girls would like to know... I feel bad for even asking this, lol.

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That'd be completely awesome! :D I'd love to join you! I haven't been there for like...a year now maybe O_O I'll totally ask for you, it's no problem!! XD


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Yay, that's fantastic! :) Wow, a year? Then it's definitely time to go there again! :D lol Thanks so much, hun, that's great XD


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